Affordable Medical insurance For Individuals Who Reside in New York

If you are not eligible for COBRA, HIPAA, insurance coverage conversion, state extension, Medicaid, Medicare, or any kind of state-sponsored health care program, but are in need of budget-friendly health insurance coverage in New York, you might have to purchase a specific health insurance plan.

The majority of people groan at the thought of acquiring an individual medical insurance strategy-- and for good factor. Individual medical insurance strategies are typically more expensive than the perfect health care protection-- employer-sponsored group medical insurance strategies. However, in New york city, you can purchase an affordable specific health insurance strategy for a couple of factors.

First, when you set out to acquire an individual health insurance plan in New York, you can not be declined due to your certain health conditions. This is excellent news due to the fact that many people with pre-existing health conditions have the tendency to check here have a hard time discovering health insurance coverage business that will sell health insurance to them. Health insurance coverage business view people with pre-existing or major health conditions as higher dangers to guarantee. They view them as possibly lost cash. Yet, in New York, there are health insurance coverage business that will not turn you down regardless of any pre-existing health conditions you might have, or the severity of the health condition.

Second, you will not be charged a higher medical insurance rate due to your pre-existing health condition, regardless of the seriousness of your pre-existing health condition. This is more excellent news, because people with pre-existing health conditions who do handle to purchase individual medical insurance policies do so for a high rate. They need health insurance, particularly due to the fact that they require take care of their pre-existing health conditions; nevertheless, because of their pre-existing health conditions, they pay high prices. It's a vicious cycle that New york city is working toward ending.

To learn more about the health insurance companies that provide these specific medical insurance policies and their contact info, get in touch with the New York Insurance Department.

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